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I'm Destiny, and
I'm your phographer


Fun vibes only

Let's chase
the sunset

Hi friends, I'm Destiny and I am your photographer. I'm 32 and born and raised in San Antonio but lived in San Marcos while I attended Texas State University. That's where I met my really cute downstairs neighbor who is now my husband. We have an 8 and 3 year old who keep me on my toes.

When I don't have a camera in my hand you can find me outside trying to soak in all the sun and nature. I love the feel of grass and dirt under my bare feet and the sun on my skin. Going on adventures, traveling and road trips are my jam. If it involves exploring, I'm 1000% all for it. 

I also love working out and consider myself a total coffee junkie and almost always have a cup of coffee in my hand. Fun fact: before every session I HAVE to get myself a venti ice soy flat white with an extra shot. Why you might ask? Because one day before a session a few years ago I ordered a coffee and they gave me the wrong order. It was the flat white and it not only was amazingly delicious but I had shot one of my best sessions up to that point. So now it's just a must. Tradition or superstition? You decide. 


 I'm also a huge DIYer. I built our deck, farmhouse kitchen table, my daughters bed frame, put up shiplap and board and batten walls, installed laminate wood flooring and countless other DIY/home renovation projects. Pinterest is my best friend and my husbands worst enemy but he's never had to build anything so who is really winning here?

I feel like for years I jumped from one "business" to another. I've had different businesses making cakes, tumblers, t-shirts and was a Beachbody coach at one point. I always felt like there was something missing. It wasn't until I picked up a camera that I realized what it was. I wanted purpose and taking photos gives me that. The feeling I get when I capture a special moment knowing in 20 or 30 years it's going to bring all sorts of emotions is what drives me. As a mama who feels like time is passing by way too fast, I know what it's like to want to just hit the pause button of life. Taking pictures is my way of doing that and brings me so much joy.

Wanna know what else brings me joy? Having fun at our session! I'm all about the fun vibes! The best sessions are where we're laughing and joking and for an hour you get to let loose and have fun with me. When you book me I'm not just your photographer. I'm your friend, your personal hype woman and your bestie for a few hours. With that being said, I'm telling you right now bestie that I may very well show up looking like a bum. I know, I'm sorry. But when I'm laying on my stomach on the ground, climbing a fence post, hopping in a river, dancing around to get your toddler to smile or contorting my body into crazy positions to get "the shot", a t-shirt and messy bun just feels appropriate. If you want to have fun with a friend while making memories, I'm your gal!


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